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Kuldeep Sunkerikar

Product Manager





Whitefield, Bangalore

Date of Birth:

December 17th, 1989

A Bit About Technical Me

A dedicated product manager with a strong people-centric approach, boasting over 9 years of expertise in both product management and software development. My professional journey includes a role as a Product Manager at QNAP Systems, as well as past experiences as an Associate PM and QA Specialist at Scientific Games (now Light & Wonder). My focus areas encompass the SAAS Platform, e-commerce B2B & B2C, and the Online Betting & Gaming domains.

I worked on transforming challenges into opportunities, focusing on guiding businesses and technology companies towards developing exceptional products. Evolving from a development and quality specialist to a seasoned product manager, I thrive in dynamic environments. Collaborating with teams, I passionately devise business and product strategies, empowering them to create value-driven products.

My expertise extends to orchestrating Product Vision, Roadmap, Strategy and Go-To-Market functions, ensuring sustained and robust business growth. I meticulously analyze KPIs crucial to product advancement, facilitating informed decision-making for unprecedented success.


In managing technology teams, prioritize effective communication, ensuring optimal project visibility for all stakeholders. Leveraging Lean-Agile frameworks like Kanban and Scrum, I navigate projects seamlessly, aligning teams toward shared success. Join me on a journey where challenges become triumphs, and products evolve into transformative experiences.


Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in leading project sprints, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products, and effectively managing collaborative teams and stakeholders. Beyond my role as a product manager, I am versatile and capable of donning various hats such as coding, research, quality assurance, and design.


About my Role

In my current role, I have been dedicated to shaping a successful trajectory in product management with Boxafe Product, employing a range of leadership techniques and methodologies tailored to the unique requirements of each product and team. My specialization encompasses:

Product Management: I excel in developing a comprehensive product vision, roadmap, and strategy, ensuring that teams address the right challenges for both customers and business success. My approach involves designing efficient systems to guarantee exceptional execution and timely delivery.

Research-backed Product Strategy: From conducting thorough user research, market research to developing the hypothesis and framing the right questions for user interviews to deriving the actionable insights . Guiding development processes, working closely with the cross functional team and keenly observe and analyze user behavior, translating these insights into actionable strategies.

Agile Framework and Design Sprints: With over 6 years of working in AGILE, adapted to agile methodologies, SCRUM framework and driving the sprint planning , Daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retro successfully. I thrive in problem-solving and iterative idea development, contributing to the evolution of engaging solutions.

Leadership Mastery towards the Goal: Recognizing that effective leadership extends beyond task delegation, communicating the progress of the product to both internal and external stakeholders. I focus on creating a collaborative work environment, fostering unity and shared purpose to achieve overarching goals.

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration: Actively engaging with cross-functional teams, including developers, design, sales, marketing, and QA, I emphasize open communication and a shared vision and resolving the bottle necks  This collaborative effort empowers each team member to leverage their unique strengths, cultivating a dynamic environment that consistently produces successful and impactful products.

Strategic Product Development: Developed comprehensive product roadmaps and strategies aligned with the product vision, customer needs, strategic company goals, and market and technology trends. Managed the entire product lifecycle from concept to validation, delivery, measurement, and iteration focusing on product growth.

User Experience and Testing: Conducting user experience tests and A/B tests to ensure creative work aligns with business goals.  Performing acceptance test before release is the key . Upheld high-quality standards for all creative initiatives.

Agile Development and Technical Collaboration: Collaborated with the Technical team, brainstorming on product requirements, developing feature specs, and facilitating Agile-based practices.

Product Documentation: Developed detailed PRDs help understanding the requirement and communicating them. Drafted User manuals, Technical documentation for users and technical support team, to preparing the FAQ's.


2021 : Product Management from Duke University

2021 : Google Analytics

2022 : Advanced Google Analytics

2023 : Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations


            Product Roadmapping

            Product Marketing

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