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About Boxafe
Back up Google™ Workspace and Microsoft 365® to the QNAP NAS, on-premise, or cloud

Boxafe is a comprehensive solution for backing up/recovering SaaS data to QNAP NAS, on-prem servers, or cloud storage spaces. Ensure the safety of your business by centrally managing multiple domains and accounts.

Why SaaS data requires backup

Despite the conveniences of SaaS, it is still vulnerable to data loss and data recovery limitations. Human error, negligence, intentional data destruction, or cyberattacks can potentially cause great losses to enterprises.


       Key features

  • Backup to NAS or cloud: Back up SaaS data to not only a local QNAP NAS, but also to on-prem servers or a cloud-based QuTScloud (will be supported soon).

  • Sub-domain backup: Even if organizations have multiple company domains/subdomains, Boxafe enables users to back up data across all sub-domains along with the main domain through one user interface.

  • Roles and permissions: IT staff can efficiently manage thousands of employee SaaS accounts while securing personal data by flexibly designating backup/restore job permissions, such as Global Admin, Domain Admin, Auditor, and customized user roles.

  • Improved backup management: While previous versions of Boxafe stored backup data in a hidden path in the NAS volumes where Boxafe is installed, version 2.0 supports backing up to user-defined storage paths. It includes backup to local spaces or remote storage via iSCSI. To ensure data safety, backup data will be kept even if users uninstall Boxafe.

  • Access logs: Keep detailed logs of each activity performed using Boxafe to protect company data from being mishandled.

  • Secondary backup for doubled protection: Boxafe 2.0 makes it easier to protect data by supporting easy secondary backup with Hybrid Backup Sync and the relinking function to existing backup data. Depending on requirements, users can recover data as a full or granular restore. Users can recover data by overwriting the original data or as a new data in a new folder.

    My Role

  • Implemented integrated licensing capabilities for effective product monetization, driving strategic initiatives to enhance revenue streams.

  • Successfully wrote Product Requirement Documents(PRD), EPIC, and User stories while managing the Product Backlog.

  • Spearheaded the seamless integration of QCloud analytics, leveraging internal tools to develop, measure, and optimize key metrics and KPIs. Conducted experiments to identify optimal product solutions based on valuable insights.

  • Led project management and coordinated a diverse cross-functional team, including UX/UI designers, data analysts, software developers, content writers, and sales agents. Ensured successful delivery of exceptional consumer products.

  • Developed product roadmaps and strategies aligning with the product vision, customer needs, company goals, and market trends. Managed the entire product lifecycle from concept to validation, delivery, measurement, and iteration.

  • Conducted thorough market research and competitive analysis to understand and effectively communicate the product's value proposition. Worked closely with stakeholders, monitored the market, and developed competitive analyses to align with the product vision.



  • Leading in successfully launching a new product version, initiating the beta release with integrated licensing capabilities to effectively monetize the product

  • Headed the release of a version upgrade addressing critical customer issues, resulting in a significant ~30% increase in overall downloads. Notably, witnessed a commendable ~16% rise in Small and Medium Businesses, ~5% increase in the enterprise sector, and a notable ~9% growth in the Home segment

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