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Journey to Product Management

Updated: May 31, 2021

My First Blog n its about what gained my interest to move into Product Management from a QA Engineer

As a Product Manager having an entrepreneurial mindset is very important. It was a roller coaster ride to choose to continue as a QA or Product Management.

Technology and products always fascinated me, and having owned product quality for years and working with Engineer, Designers, Product Managers and having customers use the products made me develop a keen interest in Product Management.

In case a customer doesn’t like your product or if the service that we provide isn’t a good one then you’re not getting paid. As an entrepreneur, one must focus on what is impactful. As an Entrepreneur, it's always about building an impact and good values with the customer.

As a Product manager holding a team and making them work together is very important, elaborating with an example if the design does a fantastic job and the engineering team fails in implementing then we all fail. The only way as an entrepreneur we can win is to win together.

A product manager is always responsible for a product end to end and we need to care about the outcomes.

In the mindset of being a product manager, one doesn’t have to wait for somebody to tell you what to do. You find the problems, building the connections, and always seeking value and growth, and if one does that it's noticed. It also helps in maneuvering the product well.

As a PM one should always find an issue and try solving it and if unable to solve it, learn and then again try solving it.

One thing as a PM is very important don’t be afraid to test and learn new concepts. Testing, Learning, and Experimenting will help in understating the customer or the customer requirements better.

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

And that's how Product Management happened.

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